Pay Per Click - Paid Search (PPC)

Pay Per ClickPay Per Click is a kind of sponsored internet advertising method used on websites and search engines. This is the process of advertising where the advertiser pays only when a website visitor clicks on the ad.

PPC is the cost-efficient way of getting businesses noticed by the target audience while the different other types of online based marketing strategies are slowly helping the websites gain natural top ranking positions in search engine results.

How PPC Works

In a way, Pay Per Click advertising can be compared to a silent auction. Online advertisers place bids on target keywords or key phrases that they consider as the most commonly used keywords or phrase by their target audience when they are looking for a specific product or service.

When an internet user keys in a search query into search engines that matched the keyword list of the advertiser or when the user visits a landing page that is included with content that successfully corresponds to the keywords or key phrases selected, then the PPC ad could be displayed on the web page.

Generally, a PPC advertisement appears above the search results or to its right side, because these are the places where they are highly visible. Some websites though place their PPC ads based on where the website designers deem appropriate.

Placing PPC advertisements under Sponsored Links or Sponsored Ads is usually the technique used by search engines in differentiating them from natural search engine results that are displayed on the pages. By doing this, PPC ads will be a lot more visible on a page that is already crowded and filled with contents and images that are competing for the attention of the site visitor.

Benefits of PPC Management

Pay Per Click offers instant exposure of your brand ads to millions of internet users from all around the world. This increases the odds that your website will be visited by more potential clients. With this marketing strategy incorporated within your system, you also have the ability to generate a campaign tactic that will target specific sets of individuals who could be interested in what your business has to offer. PPC allows you to choose unique keywords or phrases that are highly responsive to your brand, which have the chance to capture the attention of search engines - in turn, such situation will eventually take your website to top ranking in search results.

Finding a Reliable PPC Management Company

Finding a company that can help your business with Pay Per Click management isn't easy. What you need to keep in mind is that with all the strategies, tools and methods that your business needs, you could already be spending a lot of money and not seeing results - at least not positive ones. Here at Soma Marketing, we have years of experience and a great team that can help plan and implement your Online Digital Strategy effectively and within budget.


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