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Logo DesignWhat's in a logo? Why should Logo Design be a significant part of your business and marketing considerations?

When you see the yellow curved "M" of McDonald's or the check mark of Nike, it's hard to mistake their logos for something else. Beyond being a calling card for the respective businesses, however, these logos also elicit our subconscious thoughts and feelings surrounding the brand they represent. When we see the logo of a brand we love or a brand we have had issues with, our sentiments about the brand are triggered. This is the power of the logo.

Logo Design is Brand Design

Your brand is everything that your business stands for; everything your business tries to deliver to its target audience. Your logo is the image of your brand. This instant association makes your logo a quintessential part of branding, which, in turn, is a critical part of not only marketing, but business growth and success.

You'll be using your logo everywhere. In both print and online material, in your goods and services, and everywhere your business name will be. It's the single most memorable visual element of your business, which means that its design should be succinct, symbolic, professional, and easily memorable. That's why it's a big deal.

Your logo design is practically your brand's image design. If you work hard to build the reputation of your brand, shouldn't you work hard to ensure that your brand's logo be equally polished, impressive, and memorable?

Branding, Marketing, Association

Your logo is like your visual value proposition. With one glance, people should be able to instantly associate your logo with your business and the value your business delivers. A professional designed logo is the only way to do that. We at Soma Marketing understand that your business reputation and your image directly contributes to your success. Your logo design should leave an impressive impact that creates an instant association between the imagery and the brand behind it. Through this association, your logo will be your calling card. With one look, people will know that this brand is trustworthy and highly recommended.

As the single most important visual of your branding effort, your logo is also the single most critical design your business will ever consider. You can't leave it in inexperienced, unprofessional hands.

Great Logo Design = Great Marketing Leverage

So what's in a logo, really? Your logo is your ubiquitous, easily recognizable calling card. It is the symbol of your brand, and everything it represents. It is a key component of both marketing and branding. It is the most important visual element that leads to your success. A properly designed logo is an critical first step towards a successful brand.


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