Keyword Research

Keyword ResearchDiscover your Target Demographic by using and understanding Keyword Research.

Most web users find what they want or need on the internet through the search engines by using some keyword search terms. The search engines use the content on a website to determine how relevant the web pages on the site are, to their users' search queries. Hence any site that would want to gain some visibility with the search engines in order to reach some of its possible targets will therefore need to use the right keywords with its content, businesses can get some keywords for their sites by doing some keyword research.

Keywords are an important part of making the sale and/or generating revenues for online websites through the search engines. Keywords may be referred to as short or long tail, a short tail keyword may generally consist of one or two words while a long tail keyword may have three or more words. The more specific a keyword term is the less competitive it is, hence there may be fewer number of sites that may be using/competing with long tail keywords.

By doing some keyword research, a business will have some idea of what its targets may be searching for online. They will also get to know how much their targets may want what they searched for. They will have some idea too of how competitive a keyword search term is, by knowing the relative number of websites that are already using it.

Businesses will also need to do some market research too in order to determine the type of targets that are in specific niches. They will need to select one or more targets to sell to and would need to know or determine what their targets want/need, and the problems they may have in the niche and the solutions to them. These can provide each business with some idea on the possible keywords that would be relevant to their niches and targets.

The Keyword Research

Your industries keyword research may be carried out for your site or for the promotion of some content on some other online sites and/or for paid search advertising. Once your business has determined what its targets want or need, we then compile a list of targeted keywords (that is, niche related keywords) based on that. We also determine how competitive the keywords are in order to select the least competitive keywords for its use.

To know the number of times people searched for some specific keywords and to get a list of niche related keywords, businesses can use the free Google Keywords tool. For keywords that would be used on a website and/or with some promotional content, their competition will be the relative number of sites that are using the same keywords online. While the Google tool can provide businesses with the volume of search for keywords per month, it however does not provide the corresponding number of sites that are already using the keywords.

Hence businesses would therefore need to use some other tool that will let them know how competitive their keywords are and the least competitive keywords they can use on their sites and with their promotions. For paid search advertising like AdWords, the Google tool provides some metric/numbers for both the volume of search and the competition. Businesses may therefore review this to determine the least competitive keywords to use for their paid search advertising.

The Value Of Keywords

A business can be successful with the use of keywords by tracking and measuring the results from them. A business may use some web analytics and/or ad tracking software on its site to track the results it may get through its keywords, it may also use the reports that are generally provided by third party paid search advertising sites like Google for their advertisers.

To know the value of the keywords that is used for a site or for some paid search advertising, businesses can track the keywords that provide them with some profits (not just sales), traffic and opt-in subscribers. They can therefore measure the value of their keywords in terms of their profits, traffic or subscribers depending on what their sites may wish to achieve at different points in time.

A business can profit and get the best out of the search engines by using some targeted keywords with some regularly updated content on its site, and by reviewing the keyword results for its site and/or paid search advertising, and by modifying or adapting its keyword research and use to its tracked results.


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